¡@¡@¡§Yabit ¡¨ website is a special research program assisted byEducation Division, National Science Council-a part of the research result of ¡§Yabit: the science learning activity website development and research on Atayal¡¦s worldviews¡¨. The host of the research program is the assistant professor Li-yu Fu of Center for Teacher Education, National Tsing Hua University, Program co-hosts are History Graduate Program professor Yi-Nung Huang and Chemistry Graduate Program professor Tsung-Shen Chung of National Tsing Hua University.Web design and web technology is supported by Teen's.Special thank to the Atayalic friends in Tai-an Township Miao-Li and Jianshih Township Hsinchu for their passionate support and encouragement. Especially Principal Chih-de Yeh, Mr. Shen-sung Fan, Pastor Hsin-fu Hsieh, Ms. Shu-chun Tsai, Principal Fu-kuo Yang, Chief and Mrs. Shih-Tsun Lai, Chief ChingHua Huang, Mr. and Mrs. Bao-jin Lin and Mr. Wei-hua Lin, also the teachers and students for their passionate involvement and related activity. Here is our most sincere appreciation.
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