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Speaking Atayalic language
Jianshih Township >>Speaker: Pastor Hsin-fu Hsieh

Select from thhe following vocabularies, remember to turn on the speaker, you can learn the Atayalic language with Jianshih Township accent!

Jianshih Township

Shuitan (the eighth to the tenth community)¡@ Shuitan (the eleventh to thirteen community)¡@ Shuitan upper tribe

Numbers and Time

qutuh one¡@ sazing two¡@ cugal three¡@ payat four¡@ magal five¡@ tzyu six
pitu seven¡@ spat eight¡@ qeruw nine¡@ mpuw ten¡@ Mpuwqutuh eleven¡@ one o'clock
mpuwsazitmucing twelve o'clock¡@¡@ rax day (may also be used in time, such as one day)

Name and appellation of the people
name¡@ girl's name1¡@ girl's name2¡@ girl's name3¡@ girl's name4¡@ girl's name5¡@ rangiknerin girlfriend¡@
Knerin girl¡@ krakis teenage girls (twelve to fourteen years of age)¡@ ¡@ mrkas teenage boys¡@
kotas grandfather who has passed away¡@ kaki grandmother who has passed away¡@ big¡@ small¡@
(so called mama) uncles¡@ boy's name1¡@ boy's name2¡@ boy's name3¡@ boy's name4¡@ boy's name5¡@
teenage boys¡@¡@ mlikuy boys¡@ ssewy younger brothers and sisters¡@ bnkis elderly¡@ qsuyan brothers and sisters¡@
(so called yata) aunts¡@ yaya mama¡@ yaba papa¡@ Mrhuw chief¡@ mrhuw bnkis ancester


qwotrakis millet wine¡@ mamitrakis millets¡@ quo sumul glutinous wine¡@ tlaqi eel¡@
aliruma bamboo¡@ nbuqow drinking (with the other one)¡@ mnbuqow drinking (with group)¡@
tmmanquleh salted fish¡@ tmmanyam salted pork¡@ kboiung shrimp¡@ kagang crab¡@ Cimu salt¡@
maniq dine¡@ qulextayal Varicorhinus barbatulus¡@ qmaci dioscorea rhipogonioides Oliv


patuscinrebu rifle ( Atayalic rifle)¡@ llyung big river¡@ muziy thigh¡@ papakwaqa Mount Dabajian¡@
gowng little stream¡@ rgax mountain¡@ qmayeh land¡@ qmalup hunt (large-scaled)¡@
qinbuyan hunt (regional with an objective)¡@ para Formosa barking deer¡@ byoknhyun mountain hog¡@
Slqiy bow (regular)¡@ ptubuw irregular knot¡@ gwagiy sun¡@ pira few¡@ patas facial tattoo¡@ soreq bamboo gun¡@ qsya water¡@ qsinu whole prey¡@ t'tu trap (iron clips)¡@ uku general name for trap¡@ bsileq bird divination¡@
Yapit flying squirrel¡@ lamow intestine of flying squirrel¡@ mrusa trap (hung by the leg)¡@


Names of the body

qhyang arms¡@ qba hand¡@ kngnown fear¡@ tngnown coccyx¡@ 'nuh teeth¡@ papak ears¡@ hmali tongue¡@
ktu stomach¡@ buga belly botton¡@ qcan cleavage¡@ mumu joint¡@ tukah buttock¡@ grun neck¡@ tunuh head¡@
royea eyes¡@ qoluupper arms¡@ skutow chest¡@ nkwaq mouth¡@ kakaiy foot¡@ turu back¡@ kamit nails¡@
qba whole hand


myuhum fearless (fiercely)¡@ mowthu courageous (use politely when hunting)¡@ kungatayal I am an Atayalite¡@
samiga'tayal we are from Atayal¡@ syonmisu I like you¡@ qsleqmisu I love you¡@ sgayeta good-bye¡@
blaqniqun delicious¡@ mhowsimu thank them¡@ qanieq treat others with meal¡@ mhowaysu thank you (face to face)¡@


buneq fire¡@ slown day¡@ hlahuy forest¡@ sasan morning¡@ kilama breakfast¡@ kinrax noon¡@ lunch
spawan evening¡@ babowqlan afternoon¡@ gban night¡@ kgabi dinner¡@ honuutuh bridge of the spirit¡@
spi dream¡@ smatu ancient spirit (ceremony)¡@ Gmhap sowing ceremony¡@
Alitakan dendrocalamus spp. bamboo shoot¡@ nuka ramie¡@ Hmgup witch doctor¡@
aliblku kunish cane with hair (not edible raw)¡@ ruma bamboo¡@ aliginoq kunish cane


galeq cloth(may be torn)¡@ pmumu tie knot¡@ ktua more or less¡@ patusruma bamboo gun¡@ lukus clothes¡@
obex almost¡@ abi deep asleep¡@ sobeh near¡@ qruyuh long¡@ blaq very good¡@ smayx bright¡@
inisluy very dark¡@ btunuh very beautiful¡@ theq very far (hard to reach)¡@ kulax very skinny (like bamboo stick)¡@
blukus wear¡@ usuyel heavy (not liftable)¡@ 'su heavy (hard)¡@ agal take down¡@ rtung short¡@ mtuleq wake up
sisuqi cheers¡@ hmtoq take off¡@ htqi take off¡@ qbubu hat¡@ bira few¡@ pucing blade¡@ gas acetylene lamp¡@
babi prepare to sleep¡@ betunuh beautiful, nice looking¡@ abi sleep (general)¡@ habw light¡@ towheq far¡@
hekang skinny¡@ mssoya dating¡@ yamin shoes¡@ snuw ropes¡@ qbri semialata

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