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¡@¡@Yabit has gone deep into the tribal culture of the tribe Atayal in Jianshih Township, Hsinchu and Tai-an Township, Miao-Li from many angles, based on the belief of Secience-Technology-Society (STS), with the concern that is blended in the humanity of the community, while getting close to the aboriginal science education, at the same time, presenting the unique aboriginal culture on the internet by digital technology, bearing the witness first handedly, also writing a marvelous page for the future promotion of the cultural bearing.

¡@¡@ With digital technology, the following cultures such as Atayal native language, Atayalic legends, Atayalic ballads, Atayalic facial tattoo, Atayalic dance are shared on the internet

Atayal Legends Atayal language
Atayal ballads Atayal facial tattoo
Atayal dances   
Landscape of Tai-an Township Map of Tai-an Township
Landscape of Jianshih Township Map of Jianshih Township

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